Monday, September 28, 2009

Have a nice day!!

I'm back.. after leave for raya. Today i start work. Everything slow.. u know la y? kan. Hows ur raya? Mine.. I must say our 1st Syawal went totally perfect! :) Alhamdulillah. My sis n bro hepy with new baju. Also my mom n abah. Our theme red. So very shine.. shine. Till now.. today i remember keriuhan di pagi raya. But, raya 6 syawal something bad happen to my brother. My family di uji olehNya. May be next entry no story bout raya. Orrr.. wait till i forget then i story bout raya. Tgklah! ermmm....
Oh my Michale pun flight back to swk. Sebelum send me home. Suddenly he want me mohon maaf. He said i dah byk wat dosa. What.. WHAT??? terus sy answer mn ada wat dosa hehe." Quick b4 dia balik nnti menyesal" ok fineeeeeeee.. sy mohon maaf. Sy byk lwn ckp, kadang2 suka cari pasal hehe, sy suka cek inbox fon. Wpun ada pompuan sent msg i'm COOLLL. But if i x kenal.. terus ask him, SAPA POMPUAN nih??? haha. Cool kannn. Lgpun between us no secret. Everything he tell me 1st.
Ok finish. Masa berlalu dgn cepat. But me?? no more mood raya. See next entry.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dari jauh ku mohon maaf

Today, Thursday 17/sep/2009.. 27 Ramadhan 1430..
So guys itu tandanya tinggal bp hari kita nak RAYAAAA yahOOOOO. I'm taking leave on direct one week, 28th start work. Yesterday, sy dah dgr conversation between my mom n mak teh. Prepare nak buy daging, lemang lah, make serunding wah waHHH i likeeeeeeee hehe.
K.. let's start countdown.
I'm taking this oppurtunity to wish all Muslimin n Muslimat all over the world,
(especially my blogger frenz)
And to the none Muslims, Happy Holidays.
REMEMBER, yg pulang ke kampung, patuhi la had laju di jalan raya. Jgn jadikan suka bertukar duka. Remember your love ones (oh i can't wait my michael back to png, miss him so muchhh).
From us,
Mustaffa b.Hj Muhammad, Rusni Hj Awang, Farah wahida, M.Fadhlullah, M.Fakhari, Faten Nur & Farhah Najihah

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Raya 2009: feel the difference

Selamat hari raya adilfitri muliaaa ampun maaf dipinta mensuci hening dosaa.. kk sambung sendiri hehe. Mode raya dah dtggg. Yeayyyy. Ok taun ni penampilan sy lebih berani cewah. May be now I feel dah adult. Oh no i,m still young rite? hehee. B4 this sy senang dgn tudung bawal. Sajalaa nak feel lain skit. Yesterday, i buy a new one tudung siti. Plain colour. RM50 weee we i dah try. Rasa WOW!! haha. X sabar plak nak gayakan di pg raya plus my baju baju raya with manik made by my mom.
Sila bg laluan sy nak berangan yeaa: ok ginilaa gaya sy di pagi raya nnti. Later i snap tudung siti dengan style kak siti. hehe
See.. cute kan. But u all imagine laa my face pakai tudung siti hehe

If i feel ok.. Mn tau i will buy another collection tudung siti. Kwn-kwn ku sekalian. How??? smilee (wink2)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Malaysian is top English student at London varsity

Salam everyone, Hows ur raya prep? Me?.. ermm everything sederhana je. X la membuak2 sgt. After raya ada prep lain perlu sy buat. A lot.. a lot kkk. Ada kisah sad skit. My baju kurung yg ditempah tdk mengikut piawai sy. Sob.. sob. Adakah sy should pangkah makcik tu?? huhu. (sigh). Lucky, my mom persuade me..meredakan keadaan. Thanx mom!
Ok2 actually, n3 nih sy nak story this gal. Do u know about her??? She, ADELINA RAISA SUFIAN. She was adjudged top student in English at the University of London’s Queen Mary College recently. When i read in newspaper. I,m so impress. Wah kagum.. kagum. Terus dream if i'm like gal. Wahh confirm my parent proud of me.
She obtained a Bachelor of Arts (English) degree with first class honours, won the coveted 2009 Westfield Trust Prize for outstanding academic achievement in English at the university last month. Commenting on her achievement, Adelina attributed her success to encouragement from her parents, businessman Datuk Sufian Majid and Datin Alissa Fitri. She also an accomplished pianist, has represented Queen Mary College in choir and mathematics competitions.
While pursuing higher education at the Oakham School, Britain, in 2004, she won the Headmaster’s Prize and was adjudged top student in Mathematics, English and Chemistry. On her future, Adelina said she planned to write, pursue a Master’s degree and work in Malaysia. And i will take as which motivate me what she said Set a target throughout study n Most importantly, we must have the determination and confidence to succeed.
Congrat Adelina!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh, where..

Ermm.. suddenly i wanna sing HOT by avril lavigne. I LOVE this song because it's sooo wonderful and sooo punk!!! THE SONG IS BOUT LOVE...SHE EXPRESSED IT AWESOMe she has the feelings for this person. Wah.. wah adakah sy miss somebody hehe. Punya la jenuh cari lagu ni dlm folder sy. Tp x jupa. Try minta kat Amy. Pun kecewa huhu. Never mind biar sy tempek lyric lagu dlm blog. Amyyyy if jupa lagu don't forget tell me. Remember this song.
(cantik x that gal? miss nak watch gilmore gal)

HOT by Avril Lavigne
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh You're so good to me, baby baby

I wanna lock you up in my closet Where no one's around

I wanna push your hand in my pocket Because you're allowed

I wanna drive you into the corner And kiss you without a sound

I want to stay this way forever I'll say it loud

Now you're in, you can't get out


You make me so hot, you make me wanna drop

You're so ridiculous, I can barely stop

I can hardly breathe, you make me wanna scream

You're so fabulous, you're so good to me, baby baby

You're so good to me, baby baby

I can make you feel all better

Just take it in And I can show you all the places

You've never been And I can make you say everything

That you never said And I will let you do anything Again and again

Now you're in, you can't get out


You make me so hot, you make me wanna drop

You're so ridiculous,

I can barely stop I can hardly breath, you make me wanna scream

You're so fabulous, you're so good to me baby, baby You're so good to me baby,

baby Kiss me gently Always I know Hold me, love me

Don't ever go, yeah

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Damn!!!!!! I'm crazy wif him

OMG! OMG! Hot x dia?? Sexy x? Is he look at me?? haha. Ok2 sy x minat org nya. But i luv all music akon. Owsome babe!! Cool. Gila if ada new song sy akan buka lagu tu from am till pm. Bak kata amy (opismate) "bleh rosak la CD tuh" wakakaka mmg bernanah org dgr. Now, tgh layan lagu BE WITH U. Sorryy frenz with my bad habit. I think u know how am i.. be patient ya hehe. Pssst cik irah kita pun dah tau music genre nih. So welcome the club.

The versatile musical dichotomy is always at the heart of each Akon album. It could be a metaphor for the man himself. Ada 13 tracks on Freedom album. Serius semunya bleh layan. Exemplifying the more dance-friendly side of the artist. Akon hasn’t abandoned his hip-pop and R&B roots, as the album features guest spots by Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Kardinal Offishall, Ray Lavender and Wyclef Jean. But tracks like “Troublemaker” and “We Don’t Care” are set to blow up dance floors, with the former a dance record made “purely for fun” and the latter riding a chugging, arpeggiated synth and disco groove that would make Giorgio Moroder proud.

So guys.. Sy x mo cita lebih2 pak we sorg ni. Cuba la dgr salah satu my favor artist. Luv u ah akon!!!!


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